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If you've always wanted to go rock climbing, surfing, or wine tasting, why not use the time you're spending on dates and check something off your bucket list? ) If the jerk-off bankers never you back, or the artsy-fartsies constantly flake, try your luck with a computer nerd (I know, three stereotypes in one sentence). " You can ask my roommate Erica, but I'm pretty sure I have said all of these things in the past. Once I stopped blaming everyone else for not being awesome upon initial meeting, I started getting to know good guys that I could really care about. It took some pressure off of me — and definitely off of them! This tip is hypocritical coming from me, but still, I've definitely dreaded dates when I thought I would just resent the guy for the extra calories and the hangover.

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Especially if it's something you are hesitant to do alone. Also consider the local lifeguard, your cooking teacher or (gulp) the ambulance-chaser your mom wants to set you up with. Drink less, begrudge less (no matter how unfun he is).

<em>DATING</em> ADVICE <em>How</em> to <em>make</em> <em>dating</em> <em>fun</em>! <em>DATING</em> ADVICE FOR GUYS -.

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Dating is frustrating when you barely know someone and you have to play games or participate in annoying text conversations.

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But if you go out with someone in his 30s or older, quite often you'll have a more pleasant experience overall.

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